Vision & Mission

Our  vision

Our vision is that the young people of Georgia have access to the resources they need for a fulfilling life: education, culture, mobility, and that they grow up within an intact natural environment.

Our  mission

Young people are the foundation and future of our global society.
The youth of Georgia is committed to improving their opportunities in life. As a foundation, we aim to help them by both words and deeds. The Caucasus Cooperation Foundation for Youth Developement CCFYD as a charitable foundation which promotes the holistic development of children and young people on an international level. Our focus lies on the southern Caucasus, in particular Georgia. We finance and support projects in the fields of education and training. We also promote cross-cultural exchange.
CCFYD’s preferred model is to work with local non-profit partners. We support them in their efforts to provide accessible services for children and young people. By closely monitoring autonomous local partners , we ensure that their work complies with current local needs and thus provides a worthwhile investment in the future.

Our name – our logo

The name Caucasus Cooperation Foundation for Youth Developement is a long one, and the abbreviation for our charitable foundation CCFYD is difficult to remember and pronounce, leading to poor recognition.
In searching for a suitable name we have chosen the Georgian word for tree “che” which, with strong roots and growing branches, is an appropriate symbol of our foundation’s work , also signifying stability and reliability. The bright green logo adorns our communications, serving to give recognition and strength to the name and legal concept of the foundation.