Scout Lodge & Campsite Pona

Scout Lodge & Campsite at the Eco Village in Pona

Situated in the Georgian mountain village of Pona, 150 km from the capital Tiflis, is the 100 hectare Eco Village, the result of an initiative by a Georgian foundation. The area is well equipped with covered eating areas, shower and toilet blocks, volley ball and football pitches, paths and a security fence. During the season the campsite hosts youth and adult groups from home and abroad who come to enjoy outdoor education. The campsite is located in attractive countryside and is also close to major tourist attractions such as Lagodekhi Wild Life Reserve and the historical town of Khvareli.

In addition to the campsite, the foundation Youth Eco-Village also adminsters other properties in the village of Pona: three houses with abundant fruit gardens, grape growing areas and additional agricultural land within the area of the campsite.

The aim of the foundation is to convert the properties into quality accommodation, as an additional facility to the established International Scout Centre ISRC in Rustavi. The scout lodges are intended for use by scouts and other international guests.